Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Days

We have had a string of busy days.  The countdown until Christmas has began and this year I feel no stress of it.  Weird as that may sound, but we aren't traveling or hosting this year.  It has a freedom associated with it that I just love. While I will seeing family during the holidays, I will really enjoy being with my little family and getting to take in the holiday itself.  Not rushing and doing, but being in the moment with them.

Sickness hit our house this week.  While those can be crazy times, for me it allows me to be home and get stuff done while the sneezy child rests. 

Stuff like this...
The beginnings of applesauce.

Roasting a pumpkin for a pie.

Well there were Waffles of Insane Goodness there from this site.  

Red Zinger Lemonade with the Bear.

Cowgirl and Boba Fett.

A run for charity. 

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