Monday, August 9, 2010

Secretly starting again

What if I started writing again and no one noticed.... kind of nice really. Last year was nuts. Nuts. But it is over. New chapter, fresh perspective and in a nice place right now. I am enjoying it. I was just looking back through pictures of the last year and realizing how most of them are with my kiddos smooshed up next to me. Close and comfortable. We were recently called a family of spoons. This morning I ask J if he could draw that for me. A picture of us 4 ( 5 if you include Clarke, which is his a total furry hippopotamus spoon), but a picture of the 4 of us as spoons.

Each with our snuggly companions that would really define who was who. I can see it in my head so clearly that it might actually be a shame to draw it. Because it might now match and since I haven't an inch of artistic talent, I won't be doing it myself.

But there we are - spoons, smooshed together, holding on tight, making it through the ups and downs of life, but still together.

They made it.. so can we!

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  1. How bout YOU draw it just to see what it ends up looking like! Bet it will be amazing. There's no such thing as a bad drawing. Sometimes it's better if it doesn't match what's in your head. Raw expression? True consciousness?

    Put it in a frame and celebrate it!! I'm a huge cheerleader for that stuff.