Thursday, November 11, 2010


So I have this little dream of cooking for people and making a living somehow out of it.  I have thought about a bed and breakfast, the coffee shop, the knit/coffee shop, the breakfast only place, the lunch only place, the bakery.... you get my drift. So my latest day dreaming pastime is the pie shop.  I love to cook and for years people would ask me if I wasn't a teacher, what would I do?  I would always say I would love to be a chef, except I have this horrible foot thing. Well that foot thing just got WAY better in the last 6 monthes and the whole idea of making a living standing on my feet just got brighter (not that I don't stand all day teaching, which I do, but I use a stool, and I had NO idea that I would stand this much teaching. Fourteen years into this gig and my feet are probably just as bad if I was cooking I bet.)

Anyway, this is my thought.

SOOO - I having been working on my pies.  I guess I should write about it here as a motivator.  My poor neighbors, friends and co-workers are going to be subjected to lots of pies!

I am already about 5 pies into just be prepared for lots of pie.

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