Friday, May 15, 2009

My NPR Name

I am a total NPR fanatic. I never even listen to commercial radio - to the chagrin of all the commercial people in the world. No money to be made off of me - sorry.
Its my mom's fault really. We listened to Morning Edition everyday driving to high school. Then in college while traveling around, my little Honda could only get certain stations. No matter where I traveled, some station carried NPR. It was great. Even my college town had an all day all NPR station.

Well today I read this and it made me laugh. I too have thought about those hosts and reporters name.
Edit - I totally read the rules wrong. These are the right ones. Oops
Following their name rules ( pick a letter from your middle name and insert it into your middle name then add the furthest small foreign town you have ever visited) I sort of failed. I haven't been anywhere out of the country (Tijuana doesn't count here) So I pick my trip to Bemidji, Minnesota - Sort of foreign, especially with that HUGE Paul Bunyan that Tara and I saw. Picture to prove it somewhere.

So I would be Cearey Bemidji. Still not cool enough for NPR. Joey is Jofey Alabaster.


  1. This game circled around to me, but the rules were:
    1.Put your middle initial somewhere in your first name and 2.Smallest foreign town.

    I'd never been anywhere foreign either, so I decided my NPR name would be simply "Tarla"

  2. Oh your rules are right. Mine were backwards. I didnt read it carefully. We changed our names again. Not much cooler though

  3. Dianea Cowichan...referring to a tiny bay on the east side of Vancouver Island. Will never forget the feeling of kayaking in those waters.