Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guitar Inspirations.

I don't remember where we found out about this video (go now and watch... we can wait) (Wasn't that cool?) but we were linked to it somehow in the blog world. Anyway, besides it being a cute song, it has been inspirational to E. She is taking guitar lessons, which is so fun to watch her learn. This video showed her the strength and independence a woman has with her music.She really tripped out on how Priscilla Ahn can do three things at once. Oh and the footpetal repeater thingy -- so not the technical term -- was a big hit too.

I feel this responsibility to show her that artistic expression is a sign of strength and not weakness. She is very modest with it all and I want her to know power in personal expression. Of course, this all comes from a personal issues within me, my own insecurities, but whatever. I get to help mold her to be stronger and better than I am.

I didn't know that raising children would be like this... like watching little personalities unfold right in front of you. What a pleasant surprise.

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