Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Quite Snow White

Not that I have ever agreed with it (i have the same hair and skin color.. that's it), but people have said that I look like Snow White. I never thought I did until saw this picture. I might not look like her right now, but I definitely have felt like she feels in this picture. My husband isn't as slack as the prince is here, but just the overall jist of the picture struck me.

I saw this from How About Orange who linked to it from here. Totally worth the time to click through and look at the other pictures. Some interesting commentary on the views of women in society now; myself, not necessarily agreeing with them all.

Side Note - I was trying to type this up and T was smooching me all over my arms and cheeks. I asked him to hold off for a minute so I could type and he said he couldn't help it. He said "I just love to kiss you momma because you smell like you." That just makes all those angry Snow White moments melt away.

E took this picture blueberry picking last week or her bro. I found that she has the ability to really catch some great views of us all. I have taken to giving her the camera on our excursions just to see what she sees. I will post more of those later.

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  1. I went to the fairy tale pic site. my first reaction was that the concept has been done a million different times. I do wish the artist could get a little deeper into the issues faced by women in this day versus the seemingly surface/stereotypical ones shown. Lord knows that none of us are stereotypical or typical in any way. It got me thinking though.. That's why I get so excited to look at art. If I contemplate for awhile, I can get to some pretty revealing conclusions about myself and the world...
    Perhaps, the young photog, Eden could start her own photo blog where she could talk about what she thinks about her pictures and what she thought when she took them.
    Sorry for the long comment :) Miss you!